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A dedicated Information and Communication Technology Based Company in Nigeria (AFRICA), focused on building and configuring Websites and strong standard Apps for individuals, Business owners and all I.T related Business across the globe. Charles Web also offers some basic “Tips” and “How To” in Web, Security and Internet Environment.

Our goal is to offer the best of services that drives massive sales in your Brands, Business, service that will make your Business run smoothly.

Our updates on “Tips” and “How To” gives you the ability to know and do things yourself, learn and explore.

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I know I need to put up good article about me on this page but I’m sorry if the points seem scattered because I’m just going to type as it is in my head.

So Who is Charles?:  A NotTooTall Nigerian Handsome/Ugly Slim Igbo boy in his early 20s from Imo State, who studies Mechanical Engineering at Lagos State Polytechnic. The truth is, I am not suppose to be doing all these Web Stuff but Passion made me to do it….mmh!

My Best Color: Purple

Interest: Me and Technology are ONE.

Charles is a cool headed, Gentle (my Mum might disagree lol) easy going, funny guy that makes friends (and has no enemy). Can’t really say about my being funny though, but I feel like the world’s best comedian when talking to friends, maybe they’re giving me false impressions.

I am a Web Developer with few works in my resume and a whooping 4+ years of Experience, maybe I shouldn’t qualify myself as one but I think developing the blog/Classified/video websites like harrimedia.com.ng, komback.com and harrimedia.com (More on my Portfolio) with periodic updates, qualifies me as one…(Smiles)

More About Me: I am a very positive person with a ‘can do’ approach. Always take part in activities and contribute to achieving goals. Ability to improve efficiency and increase office performance. I just don’t know how to say “I Can’t Do This”.

Less i forget, My next vision is developing app from Scratch. What do you think? lol although i build App with Open Source CMS and Android Studio but that is not enough for me. I hope i remember to update this page after learning that.

My Favorite Quotes: “Never Give Up In Life” –  Be Imaginative • Be Creative • Be Yourself”

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