Hello! I have Received a lot of request from people asking me to send Videos to their inbox on LinkedIn each time i upload a video on LinkedIn. So today, i will be sharing the best and easy way to get any video on LinkedIn just by your self.

NOTE: Any Video you wish to Download and want to Repost, make sure you give CREDIT to the rightful owner of the Video.

Below are the Steps to Download any Video from LinkedIn direct to your Phone.

Step 1:

Get Chrome Browser or might work with any browser…


Step 2: Visit the post on LinkedIn where you saw the video you want to Download…and click on the arrow-down

Check the Photo Below;


Step 3: Click on Share Via…  as shown in the Photo below;


Step 4: Once you click on the option “Share Via“, other social icons will come up, click on “Copy To Clipboard” as shown in the photo below;


Step 5: Once you click on that, the post link will be Copied to Clipboard, now next step is to Open Your Browser, Paste the link on the url box and hit enter…as shown in the photo below;


Step 6: Now the Post will come up, click PLAY on the Video for the video to play, as the video is playing, Press and Hold onto the Video Screen..as shown in the photo below;


Step 7: As you Press-Hold the Video on the screen, the Download button will appear, now hit the Download Button and the Video will start Downloading to your Device…as shown in the photo below;


Okay i hope this helps? If you have anything to say, please leave your Comment on the Comment section

Also SHARE to Friends who might be interested on this…Thanks.

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